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Fotograf Joe Miller

Sporter Fotograf Malmö

Growing up, I always had a dream to one day become a famous footballer. Unfortunately, injuries can hinder those dreams, but open a door to a career as a professional photographer, capturing sporting events on the front line. 

With a passion for most sports, I have been fortunate enough to have worked at many sporting events during my time as a photographer and am constantly looking for more opportunities and jobs within sports.

I currently work as one of the official photographers for the Copenhagen full and half marathon. 

Through Gonzales photo agency, I am a football photographer for Malmö FF with matches ranging from league to Europa league matches and Malmö Redhawks Ice Hockey team. 

My aim is to capture the vital moments within a competition or event. Whether it's a goal celebration or an athlete gasping for air, I look for the opportunity to capture a moment in history.

Having also covered a range of sports from MMA to skateboarding, my aim is to continue to follow my passion for sports from behind the lens to capture that next special moment for clients around the world.

Please get in contact with me to find out how I can work with you.

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