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Project:      IN THIS TOGETHER

When the coronavirus pandemic began, my own personal business was affected.


Working as a freelance photographer, some of my bookings were cancelled and a post was made on a Facebook group, to tell the story of my predicament. The post received a big response. offered a website and domain for my project in order for me to document the stories and lives, told by individuals, freelancers and local businesses, whose lives had been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The website offers information or helpful articles about the pandemic and profiles of freelancer workers and local businesses in Malmö.

The initiative was designed to tell the stories of people affected by the Coronavirus pandemic but also to offer support and positivity to those that needed it most during the difficult times.

Please visit the website by clicking the link below and get in contact with me via my contact page on this website or by following the links (contact) on the In This Together website.

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