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Wedding photography: Creating everlasting memories

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

When you are hired to take photos of the most important day of someone's life, that is when you should start thinking about the client and how to make them smile when they look back over their wedding images in years to come.

Be positive

The bride and groom want to relax as much as possible on their wedding day. There are so many things going through their mind during the day and it is the photographers job to alleviate any potential further stresses and have the photography side of the day all in hand and prepared.

I've always found that smiling, being courteous to guests and dressing smart helped create a professional and friendly look but also help mix in with the spirit of the day.

You will know the special moments of the day which are important to capture, so planning where to stand for when the bride walks down the isle before the wedding, or where you will be taking the portrait shots, adds to your professionalism but also makes the day run smoothly.


Carrying lots of equipment during a wedding can be tiring and distract your mind from the ultimate goal of keeping things natural but efficient. I use two cameras with a range of lenses, with focal lengths of 15-30mm, 85mm, 70-200mm and 35mm. I will often use flash on one of the cameras and bring a tripod for group shots or creative long exposure shots. Adding a battery pack to your camera can help with the amount of shots you are taking in the day and to balance your camera, but if you can avoid using one, you will save on the weight you are carrying and your shoulders will thank you after a 10 hour shoot.

Wedding checklist:

  1. Dress smart, but wear comfortable shoes.

  2. Load up your batteries and bring spares.

  3. Smile and be courteous.

  4. Plan your positions thoroughly to ensure a smooth photo shoot.

  5. Don't get in people's way during important moments and don't just click for the sake of it, especially during quiet moments (heartfelt speech, exchanging of vowels).

  6. Time keeping - Have a copy of the run down of the day so you can prepare for the special moments i.e. what lens to use, where to position yourself.

  7. Be helpful - You're hired to be a photographer, but it doesn't mean you can't muck in and help from time to time.

  8. Have fun!! - weddings are special days for the bride and groom but extremely good fun, so just relax and enjoy the day and the photos will come naturally.


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